Sort of Dead and Kind of Buried…

Hello out there, and thanks for stopping by. Just a quick blog post (the first in 3 years?) to note that Dead & Buried v1.0 is now over. We shut the doors on our little corner of Melbourne this month after a few years of being in Sydney and recently returning to Melbourne with a new direction and new perspective.

It was a hell of a fun ride whilst it lasted, and there is every chance that v2.0 will spring up again in the future somewhere, but for now we’re closing the book on our time in Melbourne.

Dani is continuing to put out work under both of her labels goodlyGOLD and Dani M Designs, so you can still get your hands on her work there.

Steve is as scattered as always, is toying with the idea of making art and sculpture his new thing, and currently has a dozen unfinished projects on the go.

The rest of our studio crew have mostly gone on to be?successful jewellers / designers, and some?have set up studio spaces of their own in the Nicholas Building, so if you’re still interested in shopping local and meeting makers, track down Amber Arizono, Megan Webb, Emily Green or Elise Sheehan and arrange to drop in and see them and their respective studio buddies.

…until next time.

Steve + Dani

2014 mid-year update

Hey readers! Seeing as it has been another few months since I added anything here, I figure adding them all in one huge chunk might make reading this blog less useful in the future, so I’ve split things up in to smaller articles of all the cool things that have happened to us and our little crew in 2014.

Moving cities and working (almost) full time has left us with less time for blogging and less chance to get cool photos of the studio, but I really think it’s worth continuing to update the site so that the journey from start to finish is documented and so that anyone who is reading or has been following all along gets some closure…… I personally hate it when blogs just stop mid-sentence and never get updated again.

my little home studio in Sydney… taken over the dining room and jammed a whole lot in.

If I do ever consider this “finished” I’ll be sure to let everyone know. But seeing as we’re still in Australian and not retailers in NYC it’s not finishing any time soon!

So scroll down and you’ll see a bunch of new posts…


Browser Exhibition @ VAMFF 2014

My poor 3D printer hasn’t been getting the attention I thought it would this year, but I did get to give it one solid workout a few months back in a project I did with the always amazing Audrey Thomas-Hayes.

(ps.?Check out this interview with her?in i-D magazine!?what a star…)

Audz and I collaborated on a piece for the Browser exhibition that Alexandra?McCloud Gibson curated for VAMFF 2014 and was nice enough to invite us to participate in.

With a theme around how browsers and the internet have shaped style for the current generation, Audz and I got pretty ‘meta’ and collaborated exclusively via the internet… admittedly more as a geographical necessity, but also, you know, for artistic merit *cough*.

We bounced ideas initially via a Pinterest secret board…

Then we emailed files back and forward to arrive at a single concept…

Then I got to work on modelling up shapes whilst Audrey experimented with leather and real-world forms…

We emailed constantly to get approval and inspiration from each other and were able to lock down the major idea pretty quickly. The wonders of the modern world.

I printed out some miniature samples to make sure the proportions were correct, and then started printing the master forms for the crystal geode inserts…

I posted the masters to Audz who made silicone molds and then got to work on casting the resin shapes, whilst I printed out the other major pieces…

I filmed a whole lot of printer stuff that we intended